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Dr. Sheila Brush believes the absolute best dentistry she can provide is possible only when there is a strong bond of trust with her patients. It's very important to our entire team that we all work together with you toward the common goals of healthy gums and teeth and a beautiful smile. Since nervousness among patients can reach many different levels, the most important thing Dr. Brush can do is listen to her patients - at the beginning, throughout treatment, and when the treatment is complete. She doesn't see you as only a chart, a set of teeth, or the next patient on the list. Compassion and understanding are her driving forces, whether your concerns are wellness, missing teeth, or sleep apnea.

After answering questions and thoroughly explaining your diagnosis and treatment options, only once you are ready will Dr. Brush begin your treatment with the utmost care. The new techniques, local anesthetics, and relaxation methods of modern dentistry are designed to increase your comfort and keep you involved in your dental health decisions, leaving no room for fear and uncertainty. Our patients are individuals with unique, personal needs and goals. We promise each of you the same things: a caring and attentive team, an enthusiastic manner, and dental care delivered with exceptional comfort in a friendly atmosphere.


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