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Laser Dentistry Laytonsville MD

A Virtually Painless Treatment for Gum Surgery

Laser equipment advancement has done amazing things for vision and other medical procedures, and Dr. Brush is very pleased to offer the same for the non-surgical treatment of gum disease. Not only does the sophisticated dental laser deliver results that might have been considered astonishing several years ago, the treatment is almost painless. The procedure is minor and patient friendly, and the effects have been tremendously positive. Dr. Brush has successfully treated multiple cases of periodontal (gum) disease without resorting to gum surgery. This innovative process can even regenerate bone lost through years of gum disease. The laser is not only safe and effective, it is FDA-approved.

It costs nothing to determine if you're a suitable candidate for laser treatment. Schedule a no-cost/no-obligation consultation by calling (301) 926-9515.