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Always Tired? Sleep Loss Can Kill YouSleep Disorder Dental Treatment Laytonsville MD
Just as essential for your body as air, food, and water is restful, sufficient sleep each day. This is an elemental requirement for living a healthy, long life. Without adequate sleep, your body cannot regain the necessary energy to have vitality for the next day.

Your heart takes on the effects of all the stress you experience throughout your waking hours. As you fall asleep, your heart decompresses and slows down to relax and be in a restful state. Likewise, your brain and entire body revitalize themselves during a state of deep, restful sleep. This also lowers your blood pressure and lessens the pace of age-related diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and memory loss.

Continual insufficient sleep does not let your body release all the strain and stress of daily living. Rather, it compounds the pressure put on vital organs and has been shown to trigger heart attacks, stroke, and in severe and chronic circumstances, even death.

What Snoring Can Mean for Your Health
Snoring is more than a nighttime annoyance. It often indicates the medical condition known as sleep apnea, which is an obstruction in the air passage. Regular and sufficient oxygen is diminished through the sleeping hours, and this prolonged lack of oxygen is a major contributor to the development of heart disease. This also increases the risk of elevated blood pressure leading to stroke. Sleep deprivation can also have a negative outcome on brain and memory function and result in increased stress hormones that lead to depression.

An Oral Appliance That Can Stop Snoring
CPAP Alternative for Sleep Apnea - Laytonsville MDIf you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, perhaps you have been given a CPAP device to take care of the problem. The CPAP, or Continuous Positive Air Pressure, device provides a continual stream of air into a mask that a patient wears over the nose and mouth while sleeping. Although it provides sufficient oxygen while you are wearing the mask, the problem is that most people find the mask uncomfortable and stop wearing it.

If you are one of the many who do not like wearing the CPAP mask, we provide an easier solution to the problem of mild to moderate sleep apnea. Dr. Brush offers a custom-made oral appliance such as SonmoDent™. This is a small, acrylic device you wear over your upper and lower teeth. It realigns the position of your tongue and jaw to keep your airway open for proper breathing while sleeping. It is easily inserted and removed and light to pack when traveling. Patients have raved about both how it works and how comfortable it is to wear. Don’t keep suffering – an oral appliance may let both you and your partner get a good night’s rest!

Snoring and sleep apnea don’t have to fill your nights. Give us a call today at (301) 926-9515 for a no cost/no obligation consultation.
Sleep Apnea Dental Treatment Laytonsville MD

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Sleep Disorder Dentist Laytonsville MD • Sleep Apnea Dental Treatment • Snoring Disorder Dentist Maryland

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