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Prevent Cavities - Oral Health CarePrevent Cavities — Forever!
“Caries” are the bacterial infection that causes cavities. Believe it or not, this infection is not only treatable, but preventable, thanks to the CariFree™ program. CariFree was developed to help patients become cavity-free by assessing risks for dental disease, diagnosing the presence of the bacterial caries infection that causes cavities, and treating the infection using preventive medical techniques.

Dr. Brush would much rather help patients prevent cavities than have to fill them, and the CariFree program has been effective in doing just that. During your visit you will receive a “caries risk assessment.” We will evaluate whether you have factors present that can put you at risk for decay. You will then be given at-home instructions and the products needed to keep you and your family cavity free.

Sleep Apnea, Snoring Disorders Dental Treatment  Laytonsville MD 20882Snoring Can Mean More than Interrupted Sleep
Even after a full night of sleep, do you wake feeling unrested? Maybe you find yourself falling asleep during the day, or maybe you or a loved one snore loudly or have interrupted breathing while sleeping. This may be a serious condition called sleep apnea. The traditional treatment for sleep apnea has been the CPAP device. The patient is fitted with a machine that pumps a continuous stream of air into the patient’s nose or mouth throughout the night. However, many people find this uncomfortable and they stop wearing the mask.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and can’t tolerate or are frustrated with your CPAP, modern dentistry has new treatment options such as oral appliances. These appliances are small acrylic devices that fit over the upper and lower teeth similar to an orthodontic retainer or mouth guard. They gently realign your tongue and jaw to open your airway and allow more air flow to the lungs as you sleep. They are easy to place and remove, easy to clean, and convenient for travel. These have been successful for over 90% of the patients who use them and are an alternative to CPAP machines. If you snore or a physician has diagnosed you with sleep apnea, give us a call today.

NTI Migraine Preventiion Treatment Dentist  Laytonsville MD 20882Headache and Migraine Suffers — We May Have Your Miracle Treatment!
Have you ever heard Diane Sawyer talk about the NTI™ device on Good Morning America, or read about it in People magazine? This little miracle device is an FDA-approved, drug-free treatment for the prevention of migraine and tension headaches, and it’s now available in our practice. It works by relaxing the muscles under the scalp and preventing the majority of headaches. In clinical trials, 82% of migraine sufferers had relief of their headaches, with a 77% reduction in migraine events. It’s painless, fast, and NOT expensive. If you experience migraines or know someone who does then be sure to ask us about this exciting new treatment.
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Dentist, Dr. Sheila Brush provides a full range of professional caring dental treatment services to patients in Laytonsville MD and the surrounding communities of Germantown, Olney, Damascus, Brookeville and Gaithersburg Maryland. Her dental care services include: cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, orthodontics, general dentistry, preventive dentistry and restorative dentistry. Dental treatment also includes dental examinations, teeth cleaning, dental fillings, oral hygiene care, gum disease treatment, periodontal disease treatment, natural-looking dentures, NTI migraine headache treatment, Six Month Smiles, cosmetic dental braces, Invisalign, ClearCorrect, clear dental braces, dental implants, smile makeovers, porcelain dental veneers, dental crowns, Snap-On Smiles, KOR Deep Beaching, teeth whitening, white dental fillings, laser gum treatment, and digial imaging.

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